The MR5mk3 Studio Monitor from Mackie is a powered 5.25" 2-way reference speaker that is designed for mixing and monitoring in your home or project studio. It features an enhanced waveguide system that aims to minimize reflections and diffractions for a wider sweet spot, plus a custom-tuned rear port to help ensure an even bass response.

The speaker is equipped with matched amps and drivers for an optimized 50W class A/B bi-amplified system. It also has a two-level bass boost along with a high boost and cut control. These settings can be adjusted to customize the tuning of the speaker to compensate for acoustical deficiencies that may be present in your monitoring environment.

The MR5mk3 has been designed with flexibility in mind, featuring XLR, TRS and RCA monitor inputs. The speaker has been housed in an all-wood cabinet that has been treated with acoustic absorption material for a tighter response. Additionally, the MR10Smk3 studio subwoofer can be added for a more powerful, extended low end.



1" wave-guide loaded silk dome tweeter

5.25" polypropylene woofer

Limiting and thermal protection circuitry

Magnetically shielded to fight RF interference

Minimum-diffraction molded baffle

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