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Monophonic Analogue Synthesizer

Fully programmable, analog synthesis for all players; monologue is the next-generation monophonic synthesizer that shares the spirit of the acclaimed minilogue, with a completely new voice and powerful new features. 
The monologue is a 25-key, fully programmable monophonic analog synthesizer with a voice all its own. While sharing its sleek layout, knob-per-function workflow and high-quality construction with the best-selling minilogue, monologue is a truly unique new synth for all types of musicians; featuring new voicing and sound sculpting abilities – at an amazing price. The monologue's completely new filter, modulation, drive, and LFO can generate powerful basses and sharp leads, creating awesome mono sounds that showcase its single-voice design. The step sequencer has also been dramatically expanded, allowing more intuitive and more complex editing. With a lineup that gives you a choice of five eye-catching colors, this compact instrument has a strong personality to match your own.


Analog synthesizer with all-new synthesis structure optimized for amazing monophonic sounds and sequences

Fully programmable, with 100 program memories (80 presets included)

16-step sequencer with extensive motion sequence technology to make your sound move

Microtuning lets you freely create scales and alternate tonalities

Oscilloscope function helps visualize the waveform in real time

Battery-powered for portability

Rugged and stylish with aluminum top panel, chassis-mounted pots, rubber-coated knobs, and real wood back panel

MIDI, USB MIDI, and Audio Sync for all types of in-studio and live connectivity, including direct sync with minilogue, SQ1, volca, electribe, and more

Five color variations that will shine on stage or in the studio

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