LTD St-203 Rosewood Distressed 3-Tone Sunburst is quite a mouthful, and rightfully so. Those who take a closer look at this guitar will notice its bursting with vintage details. For starters, this sunburst instrument was adorned with a beautifully weathered distressed look, both on the fretboard as on both sides of the body. Additionally, this classic model houses a set of three pickups to ensure that trusted old single-coil sound.

A striking feature of the LTD ST-203 Rosewood Distressed is its chocolate-brown rosewood fretboard that brandishes beautiful gold-coloured position markers. Moreover, this guitar is equipped with a vintage tremolo bridge for subtle vibrato effects. To make life easier for starting players and fast-playing advanced guitarists, the ST203 was fitted with a very thin U-profile neck and Extra Jumbo frets for easier bending.

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