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Tama Imperialstar IP52KH6 - SGW 5 Pcs Drum Kit + One Extra Boom Stand


With nearly 40 years of drum building experience, TAMA knows what drummers really want. Which is why TAMA has the set you need, want, and can afford no matter how long you've been playing drums or what budget you have to work with. TAMA launched the most affordable kit to ever incorporate so many high-end features - Imperialstar. Every aspect of the modern drum kit was exhaustively examined, reexamined, and then improved before it was accepted as part of the Imperialstar design.

That's why, if you start playing Imperialstar drums now as a beginner, you'll still be enjoying them when you've achieved pro status.



BASS DRUM - 18" x 22"

TOM TOM - 8" X 10"

TOM TOM - 9" X 12"

FLOOR TOM TOM - 14" x 14"

SNARE DRUM WOODEN  - 5 1/2" x 14"


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